• Tangye Beckham

The Aging Process

Aging is a difficult process for virtually everyone. In this post, I am going to attempt to address issues faced by not only the older adult but also their children or other loved ones who are willing to step in and help in whatever capacity is necessary.

Many older adults are living with dementia or mental health issues, including anxiety and depression. Taking the time to understand how perspectives can be differing can help you communicate with each other better.

Realizing that autonomy is important to the older adult can be beneficial as well. Most have lived through at least one major historical event in our countries history such as: The Great Depression, Several wars (WWII, Korean Conflict, Vietnam) and the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s because of this it oftentimes isn’t in the nature of an older adult to ask for help even when they might need it

The following key questions should be asked by not only the older adult but also their loved ones.

1. Are you/they acting this way out of habit?

2. Do you want to assert your independence?

3. Could you be suffering from depression/anxiety?

4. Have you noticed signs and symptoms of confusion

5. Is there a possibility of dementia?

6. What are you/they afraid of?

By identifying the root cause, or causes, of behavior can help you identify the best way to make positive changes.

I can help you to answer the above questions during a completely confidential consultation. Bird is the Word is here to assist older adults to successfully Age in Place.


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